Zalan's Letter
Location Jeremi

Zalan's Letter is a file found in Legend of Legaia. After freeing Jeremi from the Mist a jeweler named Zalan will give the Ra-Seru heroes a letter to deliver to his wife Yuma and son Pepe living in the town of Vidna. This event is necesary to complete in order to continue the storyline.

Zalan's LetterEdit

To my dearest Yuma and Pepe: If you are reading this letter then thankfully you are safe. I am writing you out of concern for your safety. Jeremi was covered in the Mist, but thanks to a brave Ra-Seru we are free at last. I lost my memory when the Mist first came, but now I am completely recovered. I suppose Vidna is covered by the Mist as well. I hope that the madness of the Seru has not possessed you. I have so many things to ask. It has been over 10 years since you left for Vidna, but it seems like only yesterday since we bid farewell, smiling. Yuma, does the ring I gave you still sparkle? Pepe, how many gems do you know the name of now? I want to be with you. I want to tell you how much I love you. Stay healthy and strong. Until we meet again, I won't lose hope.
Your father, Fat Fingers,

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