When I was small, I asked Mother what attracted her to Father. She said it was his fat but nimble fingers. Ever since then, his nickname around the house was "Fat Fingers."
ザラン, Zaran
Personal Information
Faction Good
Occupation Jeweler
Hometown Jeremi
Location Jeremi
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Relationships Pepe (Son)
Yuma (Deceased wife)
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Zalan (ザラン, Zaran) is a supporting character in Legend of Legaia. He is a jeweler in the town of Jeremi.


Zalan has dark blue eyes, shaggy brown hair and an old dutch styled beard. He wears a long sleeved blue shirt underneath a pair of black overalls with a gold belt wrapped around it.


Zalan is obsessed with jewels and is Legaia's expert on them. He knows all their names and traits and passes down his knowledge of jewels to his son, Pepe. Zalan is highly devoted to his craft and will spend hours working on a particular jewel until it has reached visual perfection.


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Early LifeEdit

Zalan lived in the town of Jeremi where he married a woman named Yuma, who was attracted to his fat but nimble fingers. They had a son together named Pepe, who Yuma took with her years later to Vidna, possibly for vaction. Unfortunately for Zalan, the Mist arrived when his wife and son were in Vidna. There they remained trapped (but safe due to Vidna's Windmills while Zalan was turned into a Seru monster in Jeremi.

Legend of LegaiaEdit

"I see. So Yuma is no longer with us. I wish I could have stayed by her side. That's my only regret! (Silence) But thank goodness Pepe is safe! Someday, when the Mist is gone, I will go to Vidna! I will go to see Pepe! I know that you can make that day come!"
—Zalan to the Ra-Seru heroes

After the Ra-seru heroes free Jeremi from the mist, the heroes can talk to Zalan who will ask them to deliver a letter to his wife and son in Vidna who were sperated from him when the Mist came. Upon arriving in Vidna, the heroes hand the letter to Pepe who informs them that Yuma has died. Pepe thanks the heroes and gives them Yuma's ring to give to Zalan. Upon receiving the ring, Zalan gives the heroes the item Zalan's Crown.

Later on, the heroes visit Zalan to get the Star Pearl, the key to the Gate of Shadows which Zalan received from a thief named Cara. Zalan gives the heroes the Star Pearl for free.

After the Sebucus Islands are freed of the Mist, Zalan is able to reunite with his son Pepe.


  • Zalan can craft talismans from the Dark Stone and various Ra-seru eggs that the heroes obtain. The spells that can be obtained from these talismans hold a few of the most powerful summons.

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