Yuma (ユマ) is a character mentioned in Legend of Legaia. She is the deceased wife of Zalan and the mother of Pepe.


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Yuma was married to Zalan and bore a child named Pepe in the years before the Mist arrived. Yuma and Pepe traveled to Vidna (possibly for tourism) while Zalan remained in Jeremi, but became trapped in the town after the Mist covered the Sebucus Islands. Yuma passed away three years before the arrival of the Ra-Seru heroes and as such she is not seen at all. Pepe gives the Ra-Seru heroes Yuma's Ring to give to Zalan so he knows that she had passed on.


  • Yuma's son, Pepe, reveals that when he was small he asked Yuma what attracted her to father and she replied it was his "fat but nimble fingers."

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