The Wisdom Water (知恵の聖水, Chie no Seisui, lit. "Holy Water of Wisdom") is a permanent status boosting item found in Legend of Legaia. It permanently increases a single party member's INT stat by 4 points.

This item is one of the three missables in the game. The player only can get 99 copies of this item until before defeating Cort in Absolute Fortress.

Item InformationEdit

Legend of LegaiaEdit

Wisdom Water
Effect Intelligence +4. Ally.
Buy At N/A
Find At Ancient Wind Cave, Fire Path, Mt. Letona, Sol Tower, Conkram (Past)
Obtain From steal from Kemaro Lv2 in Conkran/Conkram (past)/Absolute Fortress (5% chance), steal from Iota Lv2 in Absolute Fortress (5% chance)
Cost Free (Can be sold for 1,000G)

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