Wind Blade
風迅円舞, ふうじんえんぶ
Fuujin Enbu
Wind blade 4
Basic Info
User(s) Lang
Art Class Normal Art
Variable Type {{{v type}}}
Art Blocks 5
AP Cost 24 AP Increase
AP Gain {{{ap gain}}}
MP Cost {{{mp cost}}}
Hits 7
Effect {{{effect}}}
Commands ← → ↓ ↑ ←
Target(s) {{{target}}}

Wind Blade (風迅円舞, ふうじんえんぶ, Fuujin Enbu, lit. "Wind God Waltz") is an Art used by Lang.


Lang is able to use the Wind Blade Art once he has 5 Art blocks available. In performing this Art, Lang draws his sword far behind him with one arm before stepping forward and putting all his weight into a vertical overhead slash onto the opponent. Then, Lang grabs his sword with both hands while crouched low to the ground and cuts the opponent with an upward vertical slash as he jumps in the air and spins clockwise. Finally, as Lang spins 180 degrees around he slices the opponent as he lands toward the ground.

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