The Water Gate (水門, Sui Mon, alt. "The Floodgate") is a location in Legend of Legaia. The Water Gate serves as a dam to dry up a section of the river that flows from the mountains behind Drake Castle into the ocean underneath Drake Kingdom. The Water Gate was ordered to be opened by King Drake before the residents of the castle partook in his plan to succumb to the Seru and lock themselves up in the dungeons of the castle during the Mist pandemic.



Drying up the river

Vahn is unable to reach Biron Monastery due to the strong current coming from the river which separated the continent of Drake into two halves. Vahn therefore has no choice but to free Drake Castle from the Mist first so he can obtain the key to shut the Water Gate.

After Vahn joins with Noa and revives the Genesis Tree of Mt. Rikuroa, thereby driving away the Mist and returning everybody in Drake Castle to normal, he goes with her to Drake Castle where they have a long discussion with King Drake, who meets them at the Mountain Gate. King Drake apologizes for the hardship he caused Vahn in opening the Water Gate and has a knight giave him the Water Gate Key.

Vahn uses the key to close the gate which dries up the section of the riverbed that blocks his path. Once the gate is closed a treasure chest containing the Wind Book I can be accessed and given to Noa, which teaches her the Hyper Art Frost Breath.