Water element

Official Art of the Water element in Legend of Legaia

Water (水, mizu) is a recurring element in the Legaia series. It opposes the element of Fire.



Water-based equipment is mainly found in Legaia 2: Duel Saga. Legend of Legaia's only Water-based accessories are the Deep Sea Jewel, Water Egg, and Water Talisman. In Duel Saga, Water equipment ranges from weapons that add the Water element to attacks, to armor that reduces damage taken from Water, to collectibles that have to do with the element itself.


Arts that utilize the Water element are only found in Legaia 2: Duel Saga. Maya's Water-based Arts are: Ice Flow, Aqua Spear, Ice Pyre, Blizzard Blast, and Absolute Zero.


In Legend of Legaia, Gizam is the earliest Water Seru that can be obtained and summoned, followed by Freed and Slippery. The most powerful summon spell is Mule's Deep Avalanche. The Water element corresponds well with Wind, and as such Noa is the greatest at casting Water spells. The magic effect of Water element summons is a reduction of the targeted enemy's AGI stat.

Legaia 2: Duel Saga utilizes no Water element summon spells.


Multiple enemies in Legend of Legaia and Legaia 2: Duel Saga use Water based attacks. One of the most iconic enemy Water attacks in Legend of Legaia is Big Wave.


Legend of LegaiaEdit

Game Element Type Effect
Bubble Crush Summon Gizam summons poisonous bubbles
Freezing Point Summon Freed freezes the field and hits all targets
Deadly Rain Summon Slippery summons rain that turns to a harmful substance
Deep Avalanche Summon Mule harms all enemies with an underwater whirlpool
Big Wave Enemy Attack A large wave crashes into all targets
Water Crystals Enemy Attack Freed freezes a target in ice that shatters
Water Column Enemy Attack Gizam summons an ice pillar underneath a target. May inflict Venom.
Water Hazard Enemy Attack Gizam hits all targets with ice pillars. May inflict Venom.
Poisonous Breath Enemy Attack Slippery poisons all targets. May inflict Toxic.
Moldy Breath Enemy Attack Slippery inflicts rot on all targets
Poisonous Bubbles Enemy Attack Zeto poisons a target with floating bubbles
Deep Sea Jewel Accessory Halves damage received from Water-based attacks
Water Egg Accessory Halves damage received from Water-based attacks
Water Talisman Accessory Water Guard + Summons Mule

Legaia 2: Duel SagaEdit

Game Element Type Effect
Absolute Zero Hyper Art Water-based attack from Maya
Blizzard Blast Super Art Water-based attack from Maya
Ice Flow Art Water-based attack from Maya
Aqua Spear Art Water-based attack from Maya
Ice Pyre Art Water-based attack from Maya
Ice Sword Weapon Add Water
Blue Leather Shoe Armor Water Guard
Blue Water Robe Armor Water Guard
Hot Boots Armor Water Guard
Blue Dragon Armor Add Water
Deep Blue Armor Water Guard
Lizard Sandals Armor Water Guard
Thick Gloves Armor Water Guard
IceNeedle Scroll Item Attack an enemy with Water magic
Spell of Water Item Teaches Maya the Hyper Art Absolute Zero
Kiness Life Water Material Life-giving water found in Demiurge Tower
Morus Spring Water Material Natural spring water that flows in Hunter's Wood
Rock Demon's Tears Material Water from a nameless waterfall, far up Mt. Gabel
Wemit Holy Water Material A rare, pure holy water found deep underground
Yumyl God Water Material A cure-all medicinal water said to be found in Ellsworth

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