War God Icon (闘神の像, toushin no zou, lit. Fighting God Statue) is an accessory in Legend of Legaia. It allows the wearer to perform the given attack command twice at no AP cost.

  • The War God Icon in Sol Tower is given as a prize for winning the Master Course. However, it must be done after defeating Jette in the Absolute Fortress, otherwise the accessory will not show up in the inventory.

Accessory InformationEdit

Legend of LegaiaEdit

War God Icon
Description Attack x2
Effect Attack twice in a row.
Obtain From Sol Tower, Vidna's Fishing Spot
Cost Free (Mucle Dome), 50,000G (Vidna's Fishing Spot)


  • Equipping both Evil Medallion and War God Icon can result in a deadly, but unpredictable combination; should the Evil Medallion makes the character attack 15 times, the War God Icon will double it, resulting in 30 consecutive Arts.

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