Vulture Blade
ばるちゃーぶれーど, Barucha Buredo
Vulture blade 3
Basic Info
User(s) Noa
Art Class Hyper Art
Art Blocks 5
AP Cost 50
Commands ← ← → ← →

Vulture Blade (ばるちゃーぶれーど, Barucha Buredo) is a Hyper Art attack used by Noa (and Kina), learned through the Wind Book II.


Noa is unable to use this attack until she learns it from the Wind Book II, which is dropped by Xain after he is defeated in the Fire Path by the heroes. The power to perform this art comes from Noa's Ra-Seru, Terra, and cannot be done without her.

In performing this attack, Noa slashes her left arm toward the right, cutting the enemy with razor sharp wind before slashing the same arm again toward the left, cutting the enemy once more.


  • Before delivering the attack, Noa yells "Hissatsu", which literally means "sure kill". The word "Hissatsu" is often used in animes and tokusatsus when the character uses a special technique that is meant to be a one-hit kill.

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