Vidna (ウィドナ, Widona, alt. "Widonna") is a location in Legend of Legaia. It is located in the center of the Sebucus Islands. The town is surrounded by giant fans that cool the air and prevent the Mist from entering.

Vidna was once a very popular tourist destination due to its hot springs and coastal scenery. When the town was built, giant fans were constructed around it in order to bring down the heat generated by the hot springs. Magma underneath the Sebucus Islands heated the hot springs in Vidna as well as provided the town with its source of energy.

The blades from the giant fans generate large winds that push the Mist away. Due to this protection, the townspeople of Vidna pay little mind to the Mist outside.


Vahn, Noa and Gala reach Vidna after freeing the town of Jeremi from Mist (although they can visit Vidna before doing so). They find Zalan's son Pepe in Vidna and give him Zalan's letter, finding out that Zalan's wife Yuma had died from illness a few years prior. Pepe gives them Yuma's ring to give back to Zalan.

Within Vidna the Ra-Seru heroes meet a priestess named Sashia in a house filled with warrior-monks of Biron who tells them about Hari's prophecy and the Star Pearl. The Ra-Seru heroes can also visit Danpas, the man who built the underground shelter as a precaution.


The fans have stopped!

After destroying Xain in the Fire Path below Octam (Underground) the Ra-Seru heroes return to Vidna to see that the windmills have stopped as a result of Xain freezing the lava undergound. Many of the townspeople were killed or turned into Seru monsters, but many made their way to Danpas' undergound shelter. Danpas worried that one day the windmills might stop working and prepared ahead of time an underground shelter should the Mist ever enter the town, however he was scoffed at by the townspeople and considered a lunatic.

Danpas went outside to look for survivors and became lost, as the Ra-Seru heroes find out when visiting the shelter. After driving the Mist away from the Sebucus Islands by destroying Dohati's Castle, the Ra-Seru heroes return to Vidna to see that Pepe has left for Jeremi and Danpas made it out alive, due to the Chicken Heart that was attached to him while he was in the Mist.


  • Vidna is the very first place the party learns about coins that can be used later in Sol Tower.
  • There are some supporting characters in this town which are Pepe, Sashia, Mr. and Mrs. Danpas.
  • Vidna can be accessed before visiting the town of Jeremi.
  • There's an Old Rod near the beach which will allow the party to fish at any fishing hole.

Weapon Shop list :Edit

Short Sword Weapon (Best for Vahn/All) 2700 G
Fighter Claw Weapon (Best for Noa/All) 2900 G
Red Club Weapon (Best for Gala/All) 3600G
Expert Seal Helmet (Vahn Exclusive) 2400 G
Warrior Armor Torso (Vahn Exclusive) 3700 G
Master Boots Legs (Vahn Exclusive) 3200 G
Fighting Plate Torso (Gala Exclusive) 4600 G

Item Shop ListEdit

Platinum Card Item Description Price
Yes Magic Leaf Recover 50MP Ally 1000
Yes Phoenix Revives Fainted Ally 1600
No Mettle Ring Increase AP Accural 10% 12000
No Scarlet Jewel Increases Upper DF 20% 2500
No Azure Jewel Increases Lower DF 20% 2500
No Golden Compass Increase rate of Pre-empetive Battle 3000
No Silver Compass Decrase rate of Ambushed Battle 3000
No Pure Amulet Accessory : Nullify Venom/Toxin 1600
No Forest Amulet Accessory : Nullify Rot 2000
No Healing Flower Recovers 800HP Ally 400
No Healing Bloom Recovers 200HP All Allies 600
No Medicine Removes all status effects 300
No Door of Light Escapes from a dungeon 200
No Door of Wind Teleport to another town (World Map) 200



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