Van Saryu
ボン・セルジュ, Bon Seruju
Van saryu front
Elemental affinities
Fire element button Wind element button Light element button Thunder element button
- - Weak -
Water element button Earth element button Dark element button None
- - Strong -
13,245 900 137
269 214 193
118 110
7,500 7,500
Location Ratayu (Underground laboratory)
Steal Wonder Elixir (30% chance)
Item Drop Lost Grail (38% chance)
Abilities Earthquake
Jugger Power
Multi-hit physical combo
Immune to Annihilation, Confusion

Van Saryu (ボン・セルジュ, Bon Seruju) is the ruler of Ratayu and a boss in Legend of Legaia.

The demented Saryu is fought within the underground laboratory of Ratayu's palace when he tries to kill the Ra-Seru heroes who had rescued Noa from being fed to the Juggernaut being created.


Jugger power 1

Jugger Power

For the entire battle, Saryu alternates between two abilities: a physical combo that deals around 400 damage and a multi-target Earthquake attack, which hits everyone for around 700 damage. When Saryu's HP is lowered enough he will use the technique Jugger Power, which boosts all of his stats significantly and makes him far more dangerous. This makes his physical attacks now hit for 800+ damage and his Earthquake do about the same amount as his physical.

Saryu's attacks are all Dark element, despite looking like Earth, and so Ebony Jewels are highly helpful in this battle. Defender Chains can also help soften the damage from Saryu's physical attacks, especially after he uses Jugger Power. If Vahn and / or Gala were able to absorb Kemaro from the mini-boss battle beforehand, then the fight becomes significantly easier. Otherwise, magic should be reserved for healing spells like Orb. Also, make sure to have some Phoenix items on hand just in case.

Vahn should be able to do more damage than Noa in this battle, either by casting Kemaro if he has it, or through Hyper Art combos of Tornado Flame + Fire Blow. Noa should use Hyper Arts as well, or a good combo such as Swan Driver + Rushing Gale. Gala is best at healing in this battle, but when attacking he should utilize his new Hyper Art, Lightning Storm + Battering Ram / Back Punch / Guillotine / Head-Splitter.


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