Vahn's Craze
ヴァンスペシャル, Van Supesharu
(Vahn Special)
Vc 1
Basic Info
User(s) Vahn
Art Class Miracle Art
Art Blocks 9
AP Cost 99
Commands →↓←↑←↑→↓←

Vahn's Craze (ヴァンスペシャル, Van Supesharu, lit. "Vahn Special") is Vahn's Miracle Art. It is a combination of a number of regular Arts, ended by the Hyper Art Tornado Flame.


Vahn is able to use Vahn's Craze once he has all 9 Art blocks available. It is a combination of the following Arts: Spin Combo, Charging Scorch, Pyro Pummel, Somersault, Hurricane and Tornado Flame.

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