Tornado Flame
トルネードフレイム, Torunēdo Fureimu
Tornado flame 2
Basic Info
User(s) Vahn
Art Class Hyper Art
Art Blocks 3
AP Cost 30
Commands → → ←

Tornado Flame (トルネードフレイム, Torunēdo Fureimu) is a Hyper Art attack used by Vahn, learned through a Fire Book I.


Vahn is unable to use this attack until he learns it from the Fire Book I, which can be found in the room to the right of King Drake's throne in Drake Castle. The power to perform this art comes from Vahn's Ra-Seru, Meta, and cannot be done without him.

In performing this attack, Vahn crouches low and raises his right hand behind him to let Meta flare up, and then gives the enemy a flaming uppercut.

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