Thunder Punch
雷撃掌, らいげきしょう
Thunder punch 2
Basic Info
User(s) Gala
Art Class Hyper Art
Art Blocks 3
AP Cost 30
Commands → → ←

Thunder Punch (雷撃掌, らいげきしょう, Raigekishou, lit. "Thunder Attack Strike") is a Hyper Art attack used by Gala, learned through the Thunder Book I.


Gala is unable to use this attack until he learns it from the Thunder Book I, which can be found on the near a ledge on the first floor of Zeto's Dungeon. The power to perform this art comes from Gala's Ra-Seru, Ozma, and cannot be done without him.

In performing this attack, Gala pulls his right arm back and focuses his energy before punching straight forward and unleashing a surge of electrical energy at his enemy.

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