トッド, Toddo
Tetsu battle front
Elemental affinities
Fire element button Wind element button Light element button Thunder element button
- - - -
Water element button Earth element button Dark element button None
- - - ###
9,999 999 375
600 600 337
300 {{{AGL}}}
None None
Location Rim Elm (After saving Karisto)
Steal None
Item Drop Mettle Gem (Given after battle)
Abilities 9-hit physical combo
Immune to {{{Immune to}}}

Tetsu (トッド, Toddo) serves as an optional boss in Legend of Legaia.

After the Ra-Seru heroes succeed in destroying the Mist Generator within the Absolute Fortress they return to Rim Elm. At this point, Vahn can speak to Tetsu on the beach and request to practice with him. This will activate the boss fight against Tetsu.


Tetsu full power

Yeah, he hits hard.

The optional boss fight against Tetsu is one of the toughest battles in Legend of Legaia. Tetsu has greatly improved since teaching Vahn the basics of fighting in the battle tutorial, and will now hit Vahn for 200-220 damage per strike and 450+ damage with each Somersault, which he can execute three times in a row in the same combo. Additionally, Seru cannot be summoned in this battle.

The key to winning this battle lies in the accessories Vahn has equipped. Tetsu is incredibly fast and Vahn will want to be faster in this battle, so the Speed Chain is a must have. Tetsu also hits very hard, and can take away 3/4ths of Vahn's total HP in a single attack if all his hits connect, so a Defender Chain is recommended in order to block some of those deadly physical combos and Somersault attacks. For the third accessory, Minea's Ring can provide a very useful 25% boost in health. However, a War God Icon is probably preferrable to Minea's Ring if it is in the inventory.

Vahn should Spirit every other turn and should be able to use Vahn's Craze every other attack due to the AP gained from Tetsu's damage. Always heal with a Healing Berry when Tetsu has taken off half of Vahn's health or more. After Tetsu is defeated, he will give Vahn the Mettle Gem.

Tetsu can be challenged repeatedly until Vahn wins, but once Tetsu has been defeated he cannot be fought again.

Note: If the Point Card has been storing points up to now, casting it for 9,999 damage will finish off Tetsu in one hit.


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