Super Tempest
いっぱいてんぺすと, Ippai Tenpesuto
Super tempest 5
Basic Info
User(s) Noa
Art Class Super Art
Art Blocks 9
AP Cost 60
Commands → → ← → → ← ↑ ↑ ↑

Super Tempest (いっぱいてんぺすと, Ippai Tenpesuto) is a Super Art used by Noa. It is executed by chaining the commands for Dolphin Attack and Tempest Break in that order.


Noa is able to use the Super Tempest technique once she has all 9 art blocks available. In performing this technique, Noa rushes at the enemy and plunges her fists into it 6 times. Then, she follows with a double jump kick on her opponent.

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