Storm Idol
雷を抱く邪神, らいをほうくじゃしん
rai ohouku jashin
Storm Idol 3
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Race God
Faction Evil
Occupation Lord of The Thunder Mine
Hometown The Thunder Mine
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Storm Idol (雷を抱く邪神, らいをほうくじゃしん, rai o houku jashin, lit. "Evil God Embraced in Lightning") is a boss in Legaia 2: Duel Saga that guards the ThunderWind Stone in the The Thunder Mine.


Storm Idol bears a few similarities to the Mountain Morg in that they are both gigantic in height, stand upright on two legs, and have arms that are far longer than their legs. It appears to be made out of a rocky substance on the outside and electricity on the inside of it. Storm Idol has no discernable facial features, though its body is covered by relatively small yellow eyes with black pupils. Its right arm is used for physical attacks and far thicker and somewhat longer than than its left arm, which is used for channeling lightning energy.


Storm Idol is chaotic in nature and like the literal definition of its Japanese name implies, it is a deity of pure evil. It will attack wanderers into the Thunder Mines without warning, and those that are not careful are sure to meet death at its hands. It is attracted to the famous ThunderWind Stone, which is mined for its precious value, being even rarer than diamonds.


Early LifeEdit

The origins of Storm Idol are shrouded in mystery. It could be as old as the earth itself or a young deity.

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Legaia 2: Duel SagaEdit

"Whoa! This is the ThunderWind Stone! I bet that monster didn't even know what it was... With a rock like this, my ship will be unstoppable! There's not a storm I can't handle now!"
Sharon Blade after defeating Storm Idol

Storm Idol appears out of a bolt of lightning as it hits a pedestal in the center of the Thunder Mine. Without warning, it attacks Lang, Maya, Kazan and Sharon, who had ventured into the Thunder Mine in order to obtain a ThunderWind Stone that could power Sharon's pirate ship, the Blood Hawk. Despite its barrage of lightning based and physical attacks, the Storm Idol is defeated by the Mystics and drops the largest ThunderWind Stone ever found.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Storm Idol has control over the Thunder element, which allows it to execute a variety of devastating electrical attacks. It also has a gigantic frame, making it physically powerful as well. Though unseen, it is possible that Storm Idol can reconstitute itself from death just like the Mountain Morg as it derived its form from lightning in the sky.

Physical attacksEdit

  • Branterios - A straight punch with its right arm.
  • Trogluzer - Physical multi-hit attack on a single target.
  • Xeriahalt - A backhand with its right arm.

Energy-based attacksEdit

  • Ozmarakia - Shoots lightning energy from inside its body onto all enemies
  • Temperius - Shoots an energy blast made of lightning.

Supportive techniquesEdit

Fighting Storm IdolEdit

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