Split World
天地両断撃, (テンチリョウダンゲキ)
tenchi ryoudan geki
Split world 5
Basic Info
User(s) Raynof the Brave
Element Light element button
Effect Damage
Target All

Split World (天地両断撃, テンチリョウダンゲキ, tenchi ryoudan geki, lit. "Vertical Split Attack") is a technique used by Raynof the Brave in Legaia 2: Duel Saga.


Split World is one of Raynof's two special abilities. Raynof will only use it on his third turn after two turns of physical combos with his mace. However, he alternates between using Split World and Rage Wave, so Raynof may use two physical combos, then perform Rage Wave followed by two additional rounds of physical attacks before using Split World. In performing this technique, Raynof slams his mace down into the ground and pulls the ground up underneath his opponents.

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