ソンギ, Songi (Songhi)
Songi final form battle front
Elemental affinities
Fire element button Wind element button Light element button Thunder element button
- - Weak -
Water element button Earth element button Dark element button None
- - Strong -
48,000 3,000 382
351 280 360
196 124
15,000 15,000
Location Noaru Valley
Steal Magic Water (30% chance)
Item Drop Mettle Armband (10% chance)
Abilities Chaos Flare
Genocidal Cannon
Multi-hit physical combo
Immune to Annihilation, Confusion

The third and final battle with Songi (ソンギ) takes place in Noaru Valley of the Seru-kai, the homeworld of the Ra-Seru and the Seru.

Songi teleports to Noaru Valley and places a special Sim-Seru around the Great Genesis Tree, the source of power for the Seru-kai, in order to absorb its energy into himself and replace Tieg as the supreme deity. When the Ra-Seru heroes try to stop Songi he challenges them and transforms into a hideous creature. No longer fighting merely to provoke the heroes, Songi wishes to destroy them once and for all.


Songi ko gala

Songi's deadly physical combo

Songi's final form is undoubtedly his most powerful yet and newcomers will often see the Game Over screen multiple times before defeating him. As is the case with the previous battles against Songi, he has no attacks that can be predicted and none of them require a charge up. Songi's energy attacks in previous battles were the true dangers to look out for, but in this battle his physical attack is the primary danger while his energy attacks are somewhat tame in comparison.

Songi's standard physical combo can deal up to 850 damage per strike and up to 3,600 damage on a single character if none of the attacks are blocked. His single-target attack Chaos Flare is far less threatening, but can still do 1,500 damage on an un-Spirited character. Like all bosses, Songi has a multi-target attack called Genocidal Cannon that can do 2000+ damage to all un-Spirited characters, which will easily KO anyone without a full HP bar. Luckily for the player, however, is that as Songi continues to get damaged his physical combos will shorten in length and do less total damage. The trick is to outlast Songi for this to happen.

As with the previous battles against Songi, the Ebony Jewels are recommended - though they are almost a necessity in this battle. Other handy accessories to equip in this battle are Defender Chains in order to increase the chance of blocking Songi's powerful physical attacks. Often times blocking just one of Songi's strikes can be the ultimate determinant in whether or not the party wins the battle. It is recommended to equip Gala with a Light Talisman just in case as well as HP increasing items on Noa and Vahn, such as the Life Armband.

Spirit should be used effectively, meaning at least every other turn, and Gala should be the designated healer for the battle. Noa and Vahn should focus strictly on Hyper Art combos and Miracle Arts as well. Also, if one wishes to use the Point Card this is the battle to do so.

Once the party defeats Songi, Gala will end the battle with a special pose while concerningly saying Songi's name.


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