Slightly Soiled Diary
Location Drake Castle

The Slightly Soiled Diary is found within a bookshelf in Drake Castle. It belongs to a woman of nobility who will later ask Vahn if he read her diary while traveling through the Mist.

Harvest Month, Day 2Edit

The harvest festival isn't far. I can't wait! But King Drake seems uneasy.

Harvest Month, Day 4Edit

A messenger from the north said the Mist has covered Jeremi. King Drake is pale.

Harvest Month, Day 5Edit

A strange building has been built in the valley to the northeast. Soldiers sent by King Drake to investigate failed to return.

Harvest Month, Day 7Edit

A curfew has been declared. The royal scientists are investigating the Mist. I hope they find a solution, so my dear King Drake can be free of his anguish.

Harvest Month, Day 10Edit

The Mist has appeared in Drake Kingdom. The eastern plain is covered. From the watchtower, the Mist seems to be coming from the building in the valley.

Harvest Month, Day 13Edit

King Drake has forbidden the use of the Seru. The harvest festival is canceled. That's understandable, considering how the Mist is affecting the Seru.

Harvest Month, Day 14Edit

I can't believe the King's order! But we are compelled to obey.... Obeying is my duty, as one who serves King Drake.

The rest is blurred and illegible.

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