"Heh heh heh heh...Ha ha ha ha...Ahem...Because I am the boss! Leader of the most feared pirating outfit that ever sailed the seas! That's me! And Captain of the strongest pirate ship in the world...The Blood Hawk! So...I bet this comes as a shock to you all! Ha ha ha ha! Huh?...What's wrong? Why aren't you surprised?"
Sharon Blade
Personal Information
Age 20
Height 177cm (5'9.5)
Weight 53kg (117lbs)
Occupation Pirate Captain
Hometown Darek's Haunt
Origin Arrode
Weapon Cutlass
Battle Information
Element Thunder
Strengths High Speed, many art blocks early on
Weaknesses Low defense
Total Arts 23
Voice Actor
Japanese VA Yayoi Jinguji
English VA Uncredited

Sharon Blade (シャロン) is a protagonist in Legaia 2: Duel Saga. She is the captain of a band of pirates who reside in Darek's Haunt and commander of the greatest ship in the seas, the Blood Hawk. She is a Mystic who hosts the Thunder Origin, Arrode.

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