Shadow Split
影割り, かげわり
Shadow split 3
Basic Info
User(s) Lang
Art Class Normal Art
Variable Type {{{v type}}}
Art Blocks 4
AP Cost {{{ap cost}}}
AP Gain 20
MP Cost {{{mp cost}}}
Hits 5
Effect {{{effect}}}
Commands ← → ↑ ←
Target(s) {{{target}}}

Shadow Split (影割り, かげわり, Kagewari, lit. "Shadow Divide") is an Art used by Lang.


Lang is able to use the Shadow Split technique once he has 4 Art blocks available. In performing this technique, Lang crouches and gives the enemy a rightward horizontal slash to the torso. Then, he grabs his sword with both hands while still crouching and rips it upward through the enemy as he pulls himself to a standing position.

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