Ra-Seru Eggs are eggs that hatch into Ra-Seru. For them to hatch, they need the power of a healthy Genesis Tree. There were 10 Ra-Seru eggs in Legaia and were living inside Genesis Trees. Due to the crystal-like nature of the Ra-Serus, the eggs are often mistaken for jewels, which the player can use to his advantage by allowing Zalan of Jeremi appraise them to summon the Ra-Seru inside through their respective Talismans.

Due to the nature of the Rogues as Ra-Serus, the antagonists sought out to find the Genesis Trees' Ra-Serus to mimic the Mist producing abilities of the Rogues through them by using Ra-Serus and Ra-Seru Eggs to power their Mist Generators.

There are five Ra-Seru Eggs that the player can be acquired through-out the game. One of these eggs hatched to become the Ra-Seru heroes' companion, Ozma.

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