プエラ, Puera
Puera x2 front
Elemental affinities
Fire element button Wind element button Light element button Thunder element button
- - Weak -
Water element button Earth element button Dark element button None
- - Strong -
1,600 ea. 240 ea. 214 ea.
205 ea. 164 ea. {{{INT}}}
296 ea. {{{AGL}}}
1,500 1,500
Location Zora's Floating Castle
Steal Magic Water (5% chance)
Item Drop None
Abilities Death Game
Multi-hit physical combo
Immune to None

Two Puera (プエラ) act as a mini-boss fight in Legend of Legaia.

The Puera are confronted by the Ra-Seru heroes in Zora's Floating Castle. They guard the levers that control the doorway leading into Zora's throne room and attack the heroes when they approach.


Puera death game1

Death Game

The battle with the Puera can either be very easy or somewhat frustrating. Each Puera has a physical combo that hits four times and can do 550+ damage if all hits connect. In addition to this, they each have a technique called Death Game that has a possibility of instantly killing the targeted party member.

Luckily, the Lv1 variation of Puera has a Death Game that is easier to deal with that the Lv2 and Lv3 variations. When the four cards are flipped, the options shown will be as such: Both Damage, [name of party member] Dies, Both Recover, and Puera Dies.

To instantly kill the Puera, follow the Puera Dies card with your eyes and select it after the shuffle is complete. However, if Puera is to be absorbed it needs to be killed with a physical attack. Therefore, following Both Recover or Both Damage is the way to go. Gala is weak with Dark magic and Noa has the lowest INT stat, so Vahn is the best choice for absorbing Puera.

For a quick and easy battle, just select Puera Dies each time one of them uses Death Game. The battle can potentially be over in seconds.


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