Present Play
Purezento Purei
Present play 17
Basic Info
User(s) Marienne
Art Class Hyper Art
Variable Type {{{v type}}}
Art Blocks {{{art blocks}}}
AP Cost 8 AP
AP Gain {{{ap gain}}}
MP Cost {{{mp cost}}}
Hits 4
Effect {{{effect}}}
Commands {{{commands}}}
Target(s) {{{target}}}

Present Play (プレゼントプレイ, Purezento Purei) is an Art used by Marienne.


Marienne uses the Present Play Hyper Art randomly, although she often alternates it with Elegant Royale. In performing this attack, Marienne jumps in front of her opponent and curls her body into a ball. She then hits her opponent three times with her body before ending the combo by body splashing the target.

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