Poisonous Bubbles
毒あわ, Doku Awa
Poison bubbles 1
Basic Info
User(s) Zeto
Element Water element button
Effect Venom
Target Single

Poisonous Bubbles (毒あわ, Doku Awa) is a technique performed by Zeto.


Poisonous Bubbles targets a single opponent and carries a possibility of infecting the target with Venom. In performing this attack, Zeto opens his mouth and shoots out a pinkish stream of bubbles that floats toward his enemy. If the bubbles inflict the venom status, the target with turn a dark purple color.


  • The script for Poisonous Bubbles (毒あわ) is broken down as follows:
    • 毒 (ドク) - "doku". Meaning: poison or venom in this context. It can also mean harm, injury or malice.
    • あわ "awa". Meaning: bubble, foam, froth.

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