Plasma Strike
プラズマ・ストライク, Purazuma・Sutoraiku
Ps 11
Basic Info
User(s) Lu Delilas
Element Thunder element button
Effect Damage
Target Single

Plasma Strike (プラズマ・ストライク, Purazuma・Sutoraiku) is a technique used by Lu Delilas.


Lu Delilas uses her signature technique Plasma Strike every third attack. In performing this attack, Lu Delilas performs a spinning arm movement to focus her energy. Then, she jabs her opponent with her left hand seven times before charging up her energy and uppercutting with her right hand, summoning a surge of electricity to zap the enemy.


  • Plasma Strike is one of only two boss special attacks that can be directly blocked. The other special attack is Astral Slash. Lu Delilas's 7 jabs during the attack can all be blocked by Noa - however the uppercut at the end cannot.

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