Personal Information
Faction Good
Occupation Unemployed
Hometown Jeremi
Location Vidna, Jeremi
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Relationships Yuma (Deceased mother)
Zalan (Father)
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Pepe (ペペ) is a supporting character in Legend of Legaia. He is the child of Yuma and Zalan.


Pepe has puffy brown hair that sticks straight up and deep blue eyes like his father. He wears a white t-shirt underneath a green long-sleeved v-neck along with blue jeans and brown shoes.


Pepe is a strong-willed individual due to having dealt with many unfortunate events in his past. He has a fondness for jewelry and a desire to become an expert jeweler like his pops.


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Early LifeEdit

Pepe was born in Jeremi to his mother, Yuma, and father, Zalan. One day his mother took him on a trip to Vidna, the town of windmills. When the Mist arrived soon after, they became trapped in town, safely protected from the Mist by the strong wind currents, but permanently separated from Zalan, who turned into a Seru monster in the Mist.

Legend of LegaiaEdit

The Ra-Seru heroes deliver Pepe a letter from his father after Jeremi is freed from the Mist. Pepe informs the heroes that his mother died of illness three years earlier and gives them Yuma's Ring to give to Zalan.

Some time passes until the Mist invades Vidna after its windmills suddenly stop. The Seru invade the town and begin their slaughter of humans, but Pepe is able to make it to safety in Danpas's underground shelter. The Mist eventually leaves Vidna after the Ra-Seru heroes destroy the Mist Generator in Sebucus, allowing Pepe to travel to Jeremi where he reunites with his father.

Once the Mist is completely erased from the world of Legaia, Pepe travels all around the world with Zalan in order to purchase and study prescious jewels, making a stop in Rim Elm to thank Vahn for saving the world.


  • Once Pepe gives the player Yuma's Ring, having it equipped on a character while giving it to Zalan will give the wearer a permanent 10% boost to his or her MP stat.

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