Origins are featured in Legaia 2: Duel Saga. They are embodiments of nature that reside in individuals called Mystics.

History Edit

There is no known history of where Origins originated from, only that they reside in Mystics from the day they are born. Each one represents a certain element, such as Lang's origin, Galea, is the embodiment of fire.

Persecution of Mystics Edit

In a certain period of time leading up to the game, for an unknown reason, people started persecuting mystics. Proof of this can be seen in one of Lang's dreams, where he witnesses Avalon watching a fellow mystic be struck down for supposedly destroying their town, Kravia with his Origin. Another proof of this event is a large crater Avalon left behind when awakening his Origin, Igohl, to decimate every single one of his would-be killers. When Lang discussed this to his party members upon finally seeing the crater itself, Kazan stated that the persecution was perpetrated by a certain guild who sought to destroy all mystics. It's presumed that the guild themselves had been eradicated by Avalon himself, as during the events of the game, there's no news about the guild's recent activities, let alone whether a member of it still alive.

Origins in game Edit

Origins play a important role in the game, Each of the main characters (excluding Ayne, who instead calls on various spirits) and several villains in the game posses a certain origin of a certain element. A list is as follows

The Hero's Origins
Hero Origin/Type
Lang Galea (Fire)
Maya Rivas (Life)
Kazan Deva (Earth)
Sharon Arrode (Lightning)
Ayne N/A (Spirits)
Villains (Types need editing, names and nicknames taken from wikipedia and memory.)
Villain Origin/Type
Avalon Igohl (Supreme [Unkown Type])
Velna Vestra (Space)
Elliot Raskia (Dark)
Marienne Alvadis (Light)

Battle Edit

Each Origin can perform specific attacks in battle. Each villain has a preset number of attacks their origin can use, while the hero's origins learn new attacks as they use lower level attacks, similar to leveling up Hyper Arts. Mostly all of an origins abilities are used to deal damage (excluding Maya, whose Origin Rivas heals instead of attacking), while only about 1 of thier abilities is usually a buff (i.e. Lang's Origin Galea can boost his attack for a number of turns).

Rivas Life Spell

Rivas performing a healing spell

Deva Earth Energy

Deva performing a earth attack

(Images to both sides are examples of Origin abilities.)