Old Deez
デイズ老, Deizu Rou
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Faction Good
Occupation Biron Master
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Location Sol Tower
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Relationships Zopu (Colleague)
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Old Deez (デイズ老, Deizu Rou) is a supporting character in Legend of Legaia. He is the leader of Sol Tower's Biron Monastery located on Sol Tower's observatory. He and the rest of the Biron Monks were trapped within Sol once the Mist surrounded Karisto Kingdom.


Like Master Zopu of Biron Monastery, Old Deez is a white-haired senior citizen. He has a thick white moustache and very thick, bushy eyebrows. Old Deez wears a green and yellow robe with red symbold running vertically down its center.


Old Deez is a very strict follower of Biron's teachings and absolutely despises the Seru. He can be very unkind to those he considers heretics. However, he has a good heart and will help those who seek aid.


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Early LifeEdit

Nothing is known about Old Deez's background, but his role as master of the Biron dojo makes it apparent that he spent years studying the techniques of Biron and is highly adept in its martial arts. He may have met Master Zopu personally before the age of Mist due to having recognized his name when mentioned by Gala, though it is possible that Zopu's fame as a teacher could have spread to Karisto Kingdom and that Deez knows of him through his fame alone.

Legend of LegaiaEdit

"Stop! This is the Holy Temple of Biron. None but the followers of Biron may enter. Let alone those wearing the despised Seru on their person! Go away! Now!"
—Old Deez meeting the Ra-Seru heroes

Old Deez encounters the Ra-Seru heroes as they try to enter his monastery. Initially trying to prevent their entrance due to their Ra-Seru he is coerced into hearing them out once Gala demonstrates his deft mastery of the Biron Martial Arts. After hearing their story he gives the trio the Genesis Tree Seedling and tells them to take it down to the Warrior's Squareinthe basement of Sol Tower.


  • Old Deez makes it apparent that he is not fond of Gaza if you decide to speak to him after fighting the old warrior on top of Sol Tower


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