Official Guide to Sightseeing in Sebucus
Location Octam

The Official Guide to Sightseeing in Sebucus is found on the second floor within the left room of the largest building in Octam. It gives detailed information about certain locations and artifacts within the Sebucus Islands.

Chapter I: Gate of ShadowsEdit

From Octam, island-hop north then head east to reach the ancient ruins, the Gate of Shadows. This site was once a holy place, but for what purpose its ancient owners used it, is unclear. Also unknown is why a site in the mountains would be named after Tohn, god of the Sea. Legend has it you can hear the ocean waves if you press your ear against these massive stones.

Chapter II: Flying TrainsEdit

The flying trains are a form of transportation unique to the Sebucus Islands. The most unusual aspect of the airborne rickshaws is undoubtedly their crew's apperance. Wearing Flying Seru, crewmen pull a large gondola along a taut rope suspended in midair. Trains are the only transportation linking the Sebucus Islands to Karisto Kingdom.

Chapter III: OctamEdit

Located at the center of the Sebucus Islands, Octam is the 1,000-year-old ancient capital. Recent surveys have detected prehistoric ruins underneath Octam and...The rest of the pages are missing! They must have been torn out!

Chapter IV: Rem ShrineEdit

The Rem Shrine in Octam is an eminent shrine dedicated to Rem, the god of time. Rem is said to sleep underground and is worshiped as the creator of the 99 islands in the Sebucus archipelago, and its 33 hot springs and 11 volcanoes. As the reader no doubt knows, legend holds that strange events happen when Rem is angered. Strangely, the Rem Shrine contains a massive stone identical to the one in Gate of Shadows to the east.

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