Official Guide to Sightseeing in Karisto
Location Karisto Station

The Official Guide to Sightseeing in Karisto is found on a bulletin board in Karisto Station, which holds a large poster revealing information about a few of the various places within the largest continent of Legaia, Karisto Kingdom.

Official Guide To Sightseeing In KaristoEdit

This official guide has information on four places within Karisto Kingdom: Sol, Buma, Uru Mais, and Nivora Ravine. Two of these locations are populated areas, while one of these is an ancient ruin and the other is scenic landscape.

Section I: SolEdit

The world's largest city, Sol, is known by many as Legaia's entertainment capital. Visitors enjoy the full facilities, theaters, fighting arenas, amusement parks, and more! Sol is actually a single giant structure with a history going back hundreds of years. Enjoy the breathtaking view of Karisto Kingdom from the observatory at the top floor.

Section II: BumaEdit

Tucked into East Karisto Ravine, Buma is famous for its Genesis Trees and its lively streets. The beauty of the three cliffside Genesis Trees paints a picture of awe-inspiring majesty. Houses lining the river have also helped make Buma famous the world over for its quaint appeal.

Section III: Uru MaisEdit

Uru Mais -- the mysterious city of ancient ruins. Who built it? Why? The answers, like the city itself, are shrouded in mystery. But Uru Mais is also world-famous for the new type of Seru that come from there. Most Seru, of course, are born of two Seru parents. But in Uru Mais, a new type of Seru occasionally appears from out of thin air! Some say they come from a hidden Seru world somewhere, but their true origin is unknown. The unshakable fact is that in Uru Mais, Seru appear suddenly from out of nowhere! Seru trappers sent by the Emperor of Sol monitor the ruins day and night.

Section IV: Nivora RavineEdit

Nivora Ravine, famous for its beauty, is located in northern Buma. Climbers wishing to visit Nivora Ravine should travel through the limestone cave in northern Buma.

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