ノーラ, Nōra
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Occupation Housewife
Hometown Rim Elm
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Relationships Nene (Daughter)
Vahn (Son)
Val (Husband)
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Nora (ノーラ, Nōra) is a minor character in Legend of Legaia. She was the mother of Vahn and Nene, and Val's wife. She is only seen in Vahn's flashback at Uru Mais.


Not much is seen of Nora as she is covered in a heavy blanket and bedridden during Vahn's flashback. However, her dark blue hair can be clearly seen and explains how Vahn and Nene obtained their hair color.


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Early LifeEdit

Four years before the Mist took over Legaia, she had a son named Vahn with her husband, Val. Nothing is known about Nora's life before the Mist, but when the Mist came she remained safe in Rim Elm thanks to the Wall's protection from the Seru outside. Nora raised Vahn in Rim Elm and lived normally for a while, though this was short lived thanks to complications she would have while giving birth to her daughter, Nene.

Legend of LegaiaEdit

"Vahn... You're so... grown up ... now... So, please... Look after... Nene..."
—Nora's last words to young Vahn.

Nora is seen for the first and last time during Vahn's flashback into his past while dreaming in Uru Mais. The Village Elder informs Val that Nora experienced too much hemorrhaging during Nene's birth and will die from blood loss unless Drake Water is given to her quickly. Vahn eavesdrops on this conversation and sneaks outside the Wall when the guard is not looking so he can obtain Drake Water from Drake Castle. Val is later informed that Vahn cannot be found and realizes what Vahn is up to, and so he requests permission to venture outside into the Mist to find Vahn. Val later finds Vahn outside and returns him to the village safely, but not before he is crippled in an attack by Seru monsters. Despite the efforts of young Vahn to save his mother Nora, she dies later that night.


  • Nora had blue hair, just like Vahn does.
  • If Vahn speaks to Nora during his flashback she will tell him to take care of Nene before drifting back to sleep from her weakness