Nivora Ravine

Nivora Ravine (ニルボア渓谷, Niruboa Keikoku, alt. "Nilboa Canyon") is a location in Legend of Legaia. It is found northeast Karisto and famous throughout Legaia for its beauty. It was a popular tourist destination before the age of Mist due to its serene landscape. In fact, it is a site included on the list of tourist destinations at Karisto Station for newcomers to Karisto Kingdom.


The Ra-Seru heroes reach Nivora Ravine after obtaining four TimeSpace Bombs from Dr. Usha. Upon reaching the entrance to the limestone cave they find that the cave is entirely blocked by solid pillars of ice as Dr. Usha had told them. Gala tells Vahn and Noa to run off to a side as he sets one TimeSpace Bomb on the ground, expecting it to explode after three seconds as Dr. Usha had stated. Gala presses the switch and runs away, just barely escaping the radius of the blast as it detonates after only two seconds.

After everybody regains their composure they see that the ice has completely dissolved and make their way into the limestone cave. While the heroes travel through the cave a Soren named Luctes and two other Soren warriors fly to the top of the ravine and discuss the revival of Sol's Genesis Tree, deciding that the time is ripe to attack the Floating Castle. Before they can talk more, Noa rushes to the top of the ravine, just below them. The Soren fly off before Noa can clearly see them and dismissing it as an illusion the Ra-Seru heroes enter the cave leading to the Wind, Fire and Thunder tunnels.

The heroes find a set of obstacles that they must work as a team to pass through, such as Vahn reaching a gap
in his path that must be filled by Gala pushing a snowball off the edge of the Thunder Tunnel path to fill it up and Noa needing to pull a switch on her end to release the gate blocking Gala from walking farther into the tunnel.

Eventually they reach the Ice Seru, Koru. As they are about to set the bombs they are ambushed by the Delilas Siblings, who tell them that Koru was placed there by Lord Zora and that they will not let them destroy Koru. The Delilas Siblings all strike their poses once more, with Noa impressed at their antics and mimicking them, much to Gala's annoyance as he facepalms. Due to Delilas Family tradition, Gi, Lu and Che fight the heroes in three separate one-on-one battles.


Che attacks Gala first as everybody else watches them battle. Though Che is powerful, Gala prevails over the giant Sim-Seru-wearing ninja and knocks him into the ice pit below them. Lu Delilas becomes enraged and attacks Noa for revenge, but Noa defeats her and knocks her into the pit as well. Finally, Gi Delilas vows revenge for his siblings but falls to Vahn as well, collapsing into the pit.

Vahn, Noa and Gala set their TimeSpace Bombs and start running. However, this time the bombs explode after only a mere 1 second - much to Noa's irritation as she calls Dr. Usha a liar. Even after the explosion the Delilas Siblings are still alive. After picking themselves up and grouping together, Gi Delilas tells his siblings that they are going to merge with Koru and order it to self-destruct. Che and Lu admit to not viewing life as something precious and agree to merge with Koru so it will annihilate most of Karisto Kingdom, where Zora will build a new kingdom of Mist in the rubble.

Vahn and the others walk back into the chamber to see bright flashes of light coming from the pit. Their Ra-Seru
tell them that the Delilas Family has merged with Koru and commanded it to self-destruct. Seeing no other option than to try and defeat them in order to prevent the explosion, they jump into the pit and prepare themselves. Though they try and reason with the Delilases to stop what they are doing, the three ninjas scoff at them and decide to fight them until Koru has gathered enough energy to explode.

Thankfully, the Ra-Seru heroes defeat Koru before it can self-destruct, causing it to shatter slowly into pieces. The heat from Koru's body rises into the air and begins to melt the mountain of ice blocking the way into northern Karisto as well as the ice freezing Buma and the fishing hole next to it. By the time the Ra-Seru heroes return outside, Buma and the Genesis Trees are completely thawed out.


Because Nivora Ravine is of course, a ravine, it naturally accumulates cold air. This makes the atmosphere there very cold. The presence of Koru breathing cold air in the already naturally chilly environment enabled massive pillars of ice to freeze up very quickly. A limestone cave leads the way to the ravine. The inside of the ravine branches off into three tunnels, the Wind Tunnel to the west, the Fire Tunnel to the north and the Thunder Tunnel to the east. The cave is very dark and wet and holds bunches of snow scattered throughout.

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