Neo Static Raising
真・舞崩天昇破, Shin Buhoutenshouha
Nsr 9
Basic Info
User(s) Gala
Art Class Super Art
Art Blocks 9
AP Cost 66
Commands ← → ← ↑ ← ← → ↑ ←

Neo Static Raising (真・舞崩天昇破, Shin Buhoutenshouha, lit. "True Soaring Heaven Rising Destruction") is a Super Art used by Gala. It is executed by chaining the commands for Back Punch, Guillotine, and Neo Raising in that order.


Gala is able to use the Neo Static Raising technique once he has 9 art blocks available. In performing this technique, Gala crouches in front of his enemy and punches its body a total of six times with lefts and rights. Then, Gala pulls his right arm back and focuses his energy before uppercutting his opponent to finish the attack.

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