Neo Star Slash
真・星撞斬牙刀, シンセイドウザンガトウ
Shin・Seidou Zangatou
Neo star slash 5
Basic Info
User(s) Gaza
Element Dark element button
Effect Damage
Target All

Neo Star Slash (真・星撞斬牙刀, シンセイドウザンガトウ, Shin・Seidou Zangatou, lit. "New Star-Piercing Fang-Cutting Sword") is a technique performed by Gaza while he is wearing a Sim-Seru.


Neo Star Slash is Gaza's most devastating attack. It is done without warning and hits all of Gaza's enemies for massive damage. To perform this technique, Gaza spreads the wings of his Sim-Seru and levitates his Astral Sword over his head. Then, rays of light shoot forth from the sword before it plunges down into the ground, causing an explosion that envelops the entire area.

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