Nemesis Gem
ネメシスの玉, Nemeshisu no Tama
Throwing nemesis gem
Location Conkram
Purpose Destroy the Gate of Hell

The Nemesis Gem ( ネメシスの玉, Nemeshisu no Tama) is a story item found in Legend of Legaia. It is the only substance able to break through the Gate of Hell blocking the entrance into the Absolute Fortress where the most powerful Mist Generator is held. The substance was Conkram's state secret and only very few were created.


Ancient materials found within the bodies of some of the most powerful Seru were needed to build the Gate of Hell - yet they had to be refined before their use. The Nemesis Gems were created as a byproduct of this refinement process and were considered to be a type of antimatter. As they were the only things capable of destroying the Gate of Hell the Nemesis Gems were considered a state secret.


The Ra-Seru heroes travel to Conkram of the past in order to obtain a Nemesis Gem that does not exist in their timeline. But when they arrive in Conkram they are unable to find out any information on its whereabouts from any of the townspeople or the people in Conkram's palace. Their inquiry is cut short when the Mist demonstration goes out of control and they are forced to travel to Rogue's Tower to cut off the source of the Mist.

After the heroes return to Conkram they meet King Nebular and tell him that they had cut off the source of the Mist and saved Conkram. Once they explain everything to him at his throne he somewhat reluctantly gives them the Nemesis Gem as per their request, despite the protest of Prince Cort. After returning to the present Noa throws the Nemesis Gem at the Gate of Hell, which creates a temporary black hole that destroys it completely.


  • The Nemesis Gem can be equipped as an accessory. It increases the encounter rate just like the Bad Luck Bell

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