Mystic Circle
ミスティックサークル, Misutikku Sākuru
Mystic circle 2
Basic Info
User(s) Cort
Element Dark element button
Effect Damage
Target All

Mystic Circle (ミスティックサークル, Misutikku Sākuru) is a technique used by Cort.


Cort uses the Mystic Circle less frequently than the Guilty Cross, but it is more dangerous as it attacks every one of his enemies without warning. Cort summons a large, intricately decorated glyph from behind him and then shoots out a small circle of light with his Seru. This causes the same glyph (although colored differently) to activate underneath all enemies and explode.

Mystic Circle - Legend of Legaia00:15

Mystic Circle - Legend of Legaia

Cort's Mystic Circle attack

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