Mt. Letona
Script レトナ山
Romaji Retona San
Alternate None
Location Directly north of Ratayu
Establishment None
Population 0
Notable Events Revival of the Genesis Tree
Current Status Dormant

Mt. Letona is a location in Legend of Legaia. It is the tallest geographical structure in the Sebucus Islands. Mt. Letona lies north of the city of Ratayu and is one of only two locations in the Sebucus Islands that contains a Genesis Tree, the other being the town of Jeremi. Access to Mt. Letona must be granted by the Lord of Ratayu, Bon Saryu.



East Gate of Ratayu

Vahn, Noa and Gala reach Mt. Letona after obtaining the key to Ratayu's East Gate from Lord Saryu. As they begin their way up the mountain, their Ra-Seru notice that the power of the Genesis Tree is fluctuating wildly and suggest that they should make haste up the mountain to see what it could mean.

The Ra-Seru heroes travel up the many layers of the mountain until they reach the summit, where they find a weird, transparent wall surrounding the Genesis Tree. Noa touches it out of curiosity and gets repelled back. She warns the others not to touch it because it hurts, and soon after Songi

Songi ambushes the Ra-Seru heroes!


He lets them know that he had been waiting for them and that it was he who put a forcefield around the Genesis Tree in order to prevent them from trying "any of their foolish tricks!" Songi tells them that he will deactivate the forcefield if the three manage to defeat him in battle.

After tranforming with the power of Jedo he attacks Vahn, Noa and Gala. The Ra-Seru heroes are able to defeat him and as promised he deactivates the forcefield. Songi prompts them to revive the Genesis Tree and takes off down the other side of the mountain. Vahn and the others revive the Genesis Tree of Mt. Letona, which drives the Mist from Ratayu and causes the Seru monsters to become normal humans again. However, due to the limited range of the Genesis Tree's power it does not affect Vidna or the rest of Sebucus.


Mt. Letona is filled with plentiful trees, plants and various forms of underbrush. The abundance of greenery is probably due to the humid climate from the hot steam surrounding Mt. Letona, which could encourage plant growth. Throughout the mountain are large rocky caves with pathways carved into the mountain interior. At the summit of Mt. Letona is the second of Sebucus Island's two Genesis Trees.


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