...Mt. Gabel... It used to be famous for its beautiful scenery... But now monsters run rampant there. It's no place for people to get anywhere near...
Mount Gabel
Mt. Gabel3
Script ガーベル山
Romaji Gāberu yama
Alternate Mt. Gabel
Location North-Eastern continent
Establishment -
Population 1
Notable Events Galea's debut
Current Status Inactive

Mt. Gabel is a mountain in Legaia 2: Duel Saga that is filled with monsters running rampant around the area. It is located towards the north-east of the main continent. Mt. Gabel is the home of Kazan as well as the Mountain Morg spirit that resides there.


  • It was stated by Joe that Mt. Gabel was once known for its beautiful scenery, but then monsters began to run rampant there, thus driving tourists away. Now it's a considered dangerous place by most people.
  • Kazan is the only human that lives in Mt. Gabel when the player arrives.
  • Mt. Gabel is the home of the Mountain Morg spirit, who resides in a cave at the summit of the mountain.

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