Mighty Balken
無敗のバルケン, Muhai no Baruken
Mighty balken boss
Elemental affinities
Fire element button Wind element button Light element button Thunder element button
- - Strong -
Water element button Earth element button Dark element button VOID
- - Weak -
1,775 198 162
31 30 30
118 26 33
101 2,500 2,500
Level 13
Location Doplin Castle
Steal Attack Oil
Item Drop Heal Leaf, Magic Powder, Timid Tonic
Abilities Rage Wave
Immune to

Mighty Balken (無敗のバルケン, Muhai no Baruken) is the leader of the Blue Knights in Darakin Citadel and is a boss in Legaia 2: Duel Saga.

Balken is fought just outside the drawbridge of Doplin Castle as he attempts to prevent Lang and Maya from escaping the castle under orders of Bishop Doplin, even by killing them if necessary.


At the start of battle, Balken challenges Lang to fight him one on one to prove that he is a real man. Lang has the option of choosing to accept the challenge or ignore what he says and have Maya join the battle. If Lang fights Balken alone, then he gets full experience and has a better challenge. If both he and Maya fight Balken, then the experience is split evenly between them and the battle is much easier.

Balken goes two turns with a one-hit physical attack and every third turn uses his special attack Rage Wave, which is a multi-target attack. The physical attack can do about 200+ damage to Lang and even more to Maya. Rage Wave will do double that, and about 150 damage to a character that has guarded that turn. After every round a cutscene will trigger with Balken taunting Lang and Maya about their fated end, with the drawbridge coming closer to a close in each turn. However, despite what it may seem drawbridge closing is not an automatic Game Over. It will only affect the cutscene of Balken's defeat.

If fighting only with Lang, guard every third turn and heal when HP gets around 200. Attack with Super Arts if AP is available and any normal arts if AP is too low. Balken will never block attacks and eventually fall. The main challenge is defeating him while the drawbridge is still open, all for humiliation purposes.

If fighting with Maya, the battle gets even easier as she can focus on healing with items or her Origin and Lang can concentrate solely on attacking. The battle is rather easy in any situation.



Legaia 2 Duel Saga - Balken (Japanese Dub)08:18

Legaia 2 Duel Saga - Balken (Japanese Dub)

Japanese dub of the fight against Balken

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