Meteor Cluster
メテオクラスター, Meteo Kurasutā
Meteor cluster 9
Element Earth element button
MP Cost 200
Target(s) All
Lv. 3 Effect Lv. 5 Effect
Damage Damage
Lv. 7 Effect Lv. 9 Effect
Damage Damage

Meteor Cluster (メテオクラスター, Meteo Kurasutā) is a summon spell in Legend of Legaia. It is used by the hidden Ra-Seru, Palma.


At the beginning of Meteor Cluster, all enemies on the field are psychically transported into space. Then, Palma surges toward the enemies encased in a shell that breaks apart. After summoning energy in both of his hands, Palma disappears and unleashes a miniature Big Bang that shoots out a cluster of meteors. One of the meteors slams into the enemies and sends them crashing down to earth before exploding as it hits the earth's crust.


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