Megaton Press
ゴージャス・メガトンブレス, Gōjasu・Megaton Puresu (Gorgeous Megaton Press)
Megaton press 8
Basic Info
User(s) Che Delilas
Element Earth element button
Effect Damage
Target Single

Megaton Press (ゴージャス・メガトンブレス, Gōjasu・Megaton Puresu, lit. "Gorgeous Megaton Press" is a technique used by Che Delilas.


Che Delilas uses his signature technique Megaton Press every third attack. In performing this technique, Che Delilas slams his gigantic hammer over his enemy's head with such force that when his hammer hits the ground it creates a large crater, also causing large pieces of rock to fly across the area. His Sim-Seru power proceeds to lift the enemy into the air as Che leaps over and slams his hammer into his enemy's body, forcing it back down into the ground.

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