Mayor Molina is the founder of the town of Vidna. He had long been dead when the Mist enveloped Legaia.


Mayor Molina founded the town of Vidna 138 years ago - 128 years before the Mist spread out over Legaia. Molina started the town of Vidna when he realized the value of the area's geothermal energy and hot springs. Deciding to build a tourism industry, Molina built giant fans as a way to cool Vidna's humid climate produced by the springs, which kept the tourists happy and allowed the town to prosper.

Molina had a power plant built that used the geothermal energy from the hot spring water to power the giant fans. Mayor Molina had died years before the Mist appeared and as such he makes no appearance. However, the tour guide in Vidna reveals his legacy while giving a tour of the town.

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