Maya's Unfinished Letter
Location Biron Monastery

Vahn and Noa discover this letter in the ladies bedroom within Biron Monastery during the Mist outbreak. It appears as if Maya was in the process of writing this letter when the Mist came and a Seru took over her body.

Maya's Unfinished LetterEdit

To my daughter, Mei: Today Vahn came to Biron and told me about Juno. I was so shocked and I shed many tears. When I think of how lonely you must be, my heart breaks with grief. When you were still young, I left you and came to Biron. I left because of the Mist. Please forgive me for leaving you in Rim Elm. Vahn says I can return with him, but there is something that keeps me here at the Biron Monastery a little longer. Please forgive me. There are two orphans here, Songi and Gala. They are about your age, and they are like sons to me. My obligations here compel me to stay. You must think that I don't care for you, but that is not true. I know that the people of the village are supporting you. Please forgive

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