Mar (マール, Māru) and Belde (ベルデ, Berude) are characters mentioned in Legend of Legaia. They are the biological grandchildren of the Solian warrior, Gaza.


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Legend of LegaiaEdit

"Gaza had a son named Theodore and two grandkids, Mar and Belde. One day, in the Mist, in the lower levels of Sol, right before Gaza's eyes...The Seru monsters killed Gaza's son and grandkids. That's what made Gaza run mad."
—An NPC to Vahn in Sol Tower

Mar and Belde were the children of Theodore and grandchildren of Gaza. They lived with their father in Sol Tower as the nation was in the middle of war with Conkram. Their grandfather, Gaza, was considered the greatest warrior on the battlefield, and even throughout the war Gaza still made time to spend with Mar and Belde. Unfortunately for the two adolescents, the Mist appeared out of nowhere and enveloped Sol Tower, bringing with it the appearance of Seru and Seru-possessed humans that became crazed in the Mist. Mar and Belde along with their father, Theodore, were mercilessly slaughtered by the Seru during the initial outbreak, right in front of Gaza's very eyes. This caused Gaza to go mad with rage and dedicate his life to slaying Seru in the lower floors of Sol.

When the Ra-Seru heroes encounter Gaza in Sol Tower ten years later, Gaza briefly mistakes Noa for his granddaughter, Mar. When he is defeated by the heroes afterward due to being possessed by a Sim-Seru, he calls out the names of his son and grandchildren moments before his death.


  • Mar is presumed to have been female due to Gaza mistaking Noa for Mar. It is unknown what gender Belde was.

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