Lippian Flute
クチビリアンの笛, kuchibirian no fue
Lippian flute 3
Location Fishing Ponds
Lippian (Steal)
Lip Kid (Steal)
Lip King (Steal/Drop)
Description Flute that calls the Lippian monster.
Effect 1/128 chance of instantly killing a single target

The Lippian Flute (クチビリアンの笛, kuchibirian no fue) is a special item in Legend of Legaia. It is used to summon the monster Lippian, which will attack an enemy with a 1/128 probability of instantly killing it. The attack also works on bosses.


A Lippian Flute can be obtained for 200 points at the fishing pond in Sebucus or the fishing pond near Buma in Karisto Kingdom. It is sometimes dropped by the Lip King after defeating it and can be stolen from the Lippian, Lip Kid, and Lip King. The Lippian Flute is often impractical to use due to the effort it takes in obtaining it as well as the very low probability of it working. However, even if it does not work it will provide a humorous scene.

Ultimate death 1

The highly rare success of Ultimate Death!

When the Lippian Flute is used in battle it will summon a Lippian that runs into view from a distance. After halting in front of the targeted enemy it will prepare the attack 'Ultimate Death' by turning its right arm into a large spike and plunging it through the enemy's body. If it does not work, the attack will change to the name 'Ultimate Rave' and Lippian will turn invisible and phase through the ground with the enemy unaffected. When successful, an energy ball will form in front of the target and blast it - killing it instantly before the Lippian turns invisible and phases through the floor.

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