Lightning Arrow
稲妻の矢, いなづまのや
Inaduma no Ya
Lightning Arrow 3
Summoner Sharon Blade
Element Thunder element button
Lv Obtained {{{lv obtained}}}
MP Cost 80
Hits 1
Target(s) All
Effect {{{effect}}}
"An enveloping maelstrom of light and thunder."
—Summon Description

Lightning Arrow (稲妻の矢, いなづまのや, Inaduma no Ya) is a summon spell in Legaia 2: Duel Saga. It is used by the Thunder Origin, Arrode.


At the start of the summon, Arrode rises into the air and looks down onto its targets. It then gathers thunder energy into its right appendage before shooting it down in an electric bolt that enevelops the targets.

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