Life Heal
生命の癒し, せいめいのいやし
Seimei no Iyashi
Life Heal 5
Summoner Maya
Element Life
Lv Obtained 12
MP Cost 22
Hits {{{hits}}}
Target(s) Single
Effect Heals some HP
Cures all status effects
"Restores HP and cures abnormal statuses"
—Summon Description

Life Heal (生命の癒し, せいめいのいやし, Seimei no Iyashi, lit. "Life Healing") is a summon spell in Legaia 2: Duel Saga. It is used by the Life Origin, Rivas.


At the start of the summon, Rivas rises into the air and creates a green ball of energy in her lap. She then throws it into the air where the energy rains down onto the target, curing it of its ailments and restoring some health.

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