レザム, Rezamu
Personal Information
Faction Good
Occupation Envoy to King Drake (Former job)
Hometown Drake Castle
Location Hunter's Spring
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Relationships King Drake (Boss)
Unnamed relative
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Lezam (レザム, Rezamu) is a minor character in Legend of Legaia. He appears at Hunter's Spring and eventually opens a business there.


Lezam is dressed in the typical garb of merchants spread throughout Legaia, which is a red hat, purple vest, and brown pants.


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Early LifeEdit

Lezam served as the envoy to King Drake in Drake Castle. When the Mist arrived he was given the task of traveling to Rim Elm to warn the villagers of the impending disaster.

Legend of LegaiaEdit

"Drake is surrounded by the Mist, and King Drake is surely awaiting you... your powers!"
—Lezam to Vahn in Hunter's Spring

When Vahn reaches Rim Elm, the hunters ask him to speak to Lezam. Lezam explains to Vahn that he was transformed into a Seru monster while traveling from Drake Castle to Rim Elm with orders from King Drake to warn of the encroaching Mist. Lezam was restored to normal by the revival of the Genesis Tree in Rim Elm and thanks Vahn for his deed. He then asks Vahn to help save Drake Castle. Once the Mist is gone from Drake Castle, Lezam decides that he cannot return due to failing the mission he was given. He decides to open a shop in Hunter's Spring and remain there.


  • Lezam has the shortest screen time of all named characters in Legend of Legaia. His only cutscene can be skipped completely.
  • Despite being a named character, Lezam appears as a generic merchant NPC.
  • After the Mist is free from Drake Kingdom, a female relative of Lezam's from Drake Castle will join him at Hunter's Spring if Vahn tells her of Lezam's location. They will both sell different items.

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